Muzikman was born in Washington, DC but soon relocated to Atlanta, GA. Receiving classical training at just the tender age of 4, he was competing in classical music competitions by age 6, which lead to music production and writing by age 8 and performing as a professional pianist by age 13. Muzikman’s pianist career soared to heights that landed him gigs playing alongside some of music’s biggest acts such as Bebe Winans, Donald Lawrence and Erica Campbell of Mary Mary, as well as numerous opportunities to teach and mentor younger aspiring musicians.

An innate musical passion coupled with a hunger for the arts, would lead Muzikman to experiment on a plethora of platforms; taking positions as actor, music director, pianist, producer and song writer to gain vast experiences and develop a substantial network that would ultimately take his budding career to the next level. On a quest for both development and exposure as an artist, Muzikman formed Takeover Movement and persisted diligently until he found himself featured on the chorus and bridge of a successful independent single entitled “Get ‘n It” which soon landed Muzikman performance opportunities on the same stage as Atlanta rapper Future.

In 2012, Muzikman joined The Officials Music Group and commenced a partnership with Pete Alexander, with a simple goal in mind: to build a unique brand that bridges academic musicianship with urban and mainstream music and art. Since forming the partnership Muzikman and Pete have worked with Grammy Award Winning R&B artist Syleena Johnson and former Bad Boy Dirty Money member Dawn Richard. Their music production also received a nomination for a Juno Award in 2013.

Muzikman’s striking acoustics and audience-capturing stage presence has drawn multiple comparisons to a modern day Prince, who he names as a significant influence among others. Using his music as a vessel to evoke change, Muzikman has a driving desire to develop a musical platform that will allow him to incorporate his experience with youth outreach and leadership. More recently, business partner Pete Alexander motivated Muzikman to rebirth his artistry in a way that represents the unique approach of production from The Officials. Taking serious heed to the inspiration, Muzikman is on par to release his debut album entitled “All Earz” in fall 2017.